A word from the Maritime Surety Committee Chairman

Publications, Russell Parker

The marketing of Klapton’s Maritime Sureties offerings continued apace during 2020, targeting the international maritime sector and Klapton’s established African business regions. Our maritime specialists worked closely with Klapton Reinsurance Brokers Limited colleagues in Nairobi (“KRB”) to raise awareness in the East Africa nations during the past year and will do likewise with the new […]

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Update on the FCA Judgment on Business Interruption lockdown claims

Danny Joffe, Publications

The highly publicised legal dispute between British insured and the Financial Conduct Authority concerning whether insurers will be forced to indemnify policyholders for business interruption losses suffered as a result of the various government-imposed lockdowns has now finally been settled by the UK Supreme Court. They upheld the original judgment of the UK high court […]

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