Case Study of Maritime Residual Value Guarantee

Douglas Newton, Publications, Russell Parker

In June 2020, Klapton concluded the issuance of a Residual Value Guarantee Cover Note to a privately held ship owning entity. This briefing paper explains the bespoke nature of how the Cover was structured and has been drawn up as a means of assisting our partners, customers and readership in the understanding of the RVG product and its application in real asset investment proposals.

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Klapton Insurance Company Ltd Issues Maritime Residual Value Policy

Announcements, Douglas Newton, Russell Parker

Klapton is pleased to announce the issuance of a new policy related to the maritime industry following the closing of a Residual Value Guarantee in favour of Sevenseas Holdings Inc. The company has been working closely with Sevenseas’ management for a number of months in crafting a bespoke policy and guarantee that protects the company’s […]

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Changing Dynamics of Ship Finance

Douglas Newton, Publications

It is possible to mitigate against the risks inherent in the industry The ship finance landscape has changed fundamentally over the past decade since the turmoil in the global financial markets and the beginning of the shipping crisis. Several then-industry leading banks have exited or significantly scaled down their shipping activities amid soaring losses. Historically […]

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