Russell Parker Retires from Klapton

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 Russell Parker Klapton Insurance Company

Russell Parker Retires from Klapton

Following 3 years of highly valued service, Russell has announced his retirement from Klapton Insurance Company.

Having initially served as Chairman of the Maritime Sureties Committee, where he was instrumental in the development and marketing of our Maritime Residual Value Insurance products, Russell was subsequently appointed as the Chairman of Sureties and Credit Committee.

Russell brought to Klapton a vast amount of knowledge and experience gained from over 35 years of service in the financial industry. We are extremely grateful for his valued contribution over the past 5 years during which he has provided significant support, insight and assistance in the Company’s growth and development.

We would like to wish Russell well in any new ventures he looks to undertake and are sure that through the focus, determination and drive that he brought to Klapton he will make these equally successful.