Klapton Insurance Company Ltd Issues Maritime Residual Value Policy

Announcements, Douglas Newton, Russell Parker

Klapton is pleased to announce the issuance of a new policy related to the maritime industry following the closing of a Residual Value Guarantee in favour of Sevenseas Holdings Inc. The company has been working closely with Sevenseas’ management for a number of months in crafting a bespoke policy and guarantee that protects the company’s […]

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Klapton enters agreement for Marsoft’s state-of-the-art risk management system

Announcements, Russell Parker

Klapton is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Marsoft Inc. (www.marsoft.com) to utilise their state-of-the-art FLAGSHIP Risk Management Application. Marsoft is the world’s largest independent advisory group focusing solely on the maritime industry. Marsoft’s FLAGSHIP is the leading shipping portfolio and risk management application widely used by leading banks, leasing […]

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Shipping Investment Risk

Publications, Russell Parker

What are the current issues facing the industry? The international shipping industry accounts for the carriage of 90% of world trade. The c.50,000 merchant ships in operation registered in over 150 countries provide the vital transportation network that fuels the global economy. So why is such an economically essential industry viewed as such a risky […]

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