Sir Bernard Zissman

Announcements, Shay Reches

Shay Reches, the CEO of Klapton, is pleased to confirm that Sir Bernard Zissman has agreed to rejoin the Board as Chairman. Mr Reches said that Sir Bernard had previously served this position from 2018 to 2022 and had made a valuable contribution to the Company, but had stepped down whilst Klapton had gone through […]

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Klapton Insurance Company Limited – Improving branding and preparing for the future


As part of the continuous evolution of Klapton Insurance Company Limited’s business model, we decided to emphasise the difference between Klapton Insurance Company Ltd and Klapton Reinsurance Ltd (“KlaptonRe”). Therefore, we are adding our initials to our logo – KIC, and introducing a revised logo, still showing Klapton – but keeping our uniqueness: KIC will […]

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