The day after… how to build a hybrid organization policy?

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Hybrid sounds like a buzzword to us but today it is already a concept that we all use a lot, both we as employees in our private lives, employers and organizations. What has happened to us in the past year and the hybrid life we have adopted is not just another buzz word but is a whole world that requires of us employers and employee’s preparation and adjustments.
The reality of our lives is stronger than anything and we are forced to adopt a hybrid work policy that will suit our type of life, the organization in which we work, the geographical distribution and the type of our activity. Organizations that anticipate a tailored and integrated workflow will maximize employee capabilities, profits, and satisfaction.

What goals will we achieve if we adopt a hybrid work methodology?
1. Improving balance and productivity
2. Recruitment of talents
3. Savings in real estate, office expenses, training, fuel, etc.
4. Utilization of workspace

Here are some questions that an organization/management should ask itself:

• What day of the most productive week for our organization to work?
A US study after COVID-19 virus struck found that 80%-90% want to work from home part-time.

• Do our employees have the tools to work from home and do it right?
Quiet workstation / WIFI connections / New computers / Headphones / Unlimited software, etc.

• Do managers have tools for remote management?
Project Management Software / Task Sharing Software / Information Security & Security.

• Have less autonomous employees received guidance and instruction?
Are the solutions taken appropriate to the nature and pace of the company?

In conclusion, the right combination of the right technological means, effective and tailored management and the right dosages is the whole story of the new life of us all.

by Shany Medina : Chairman of the Ethics, Nominations and Remuneration Committee