Klapton launches bespoke insurance/reinsurance system with Powersoft

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In Q2 2021, Klapton went live with their new insurance/reinsurance system which has been bespoke designed by a highly regarded UK software house, Powersoft Computer Services Ltd.

The Klapton CFO, Rob Bygrave, who led the project (alongside Klapton’s CTO, Justin Tuson) said that the implementation of the system was vital to support the continued growth in both the size and complexity of Klapton’s business. He further added that the system would provide significant benefits in terms of increased automation of processes and would be a powerful tool in analysing and interpreting our business, particularly in trend analysis, credit control, reinsurance reporting and rating agency statistical analysis.

Mr Bygrave said that Powersoft had been selected after a rigorous search process and stood out primarily due to their collaborative approach to the implementation. This was borne out through the phases of the project as Powersoft were amenable to enhancements/improvements which were identified after the project scoping exercise had been completed. Mr Bygrave said this was a breath of fresh air when compared to other implementation projects he had led throughout his career.

Powersoft who will be celebrating their 35th Anniversary in August specialise in the development of bespoke computer systems across a broad spectrum of business sectors. Powersoft has always placed a great deal of emphasis on working collaboratively with the clients during the development and implementation phase but realise that the most important phase of any system implementation is the ongoing support. Colin Eley who managed the project from the Powersoft side said ‘The key to the success of this type of project is in building the relationship with the client at the outset in order to gain a clear understanding of the requirements. The clarity of their input during the design stage was absolutely key. I would like to thank Rob, Justin and all of the team at Klapton for their hard work during the project. We look forward to working with Klapton for many years to come”.