Klapton joins the African Insurance Organisation (AIO)

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Rob Bygrave, the CFO of Klapton, announced that Klapton had been accepted as a member of the AIO (African Insurance Organisation). He said that this was another step to promoting the name of Klapton across Africa by joining such a respected organisation.

The AIO, which was established in 1972, is a non-governmental organisation recognised by many African governments, with headquarters in Cameroon. The objectives of the AIO are:

a. To develop a healthy insurance and reinsurance industry across Africa.
b. To promote inter-African co-operation in insurance.

The AIO has 365 members, of which 351 are from 47 different countries across Africa, with 16 members from 8 non-African countries.

Further information on the AIO can be found on www.african-insurance.org

African Insurance Organisation by Shay Reches