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Risk Managed Comprehensive Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is a safeguard in today’s interconnected digital landscape, providing businesses with financial protection and risk management strategies against the ever-evolving threats of cyber attacks and data breaches.

KIC Cyber Insurance includes specific tools and coverages to help businesses by providing proactive Cyber Risk Management, 24/7 Incident Response Support and comprehensive insurance coverage against varied risks including:

  • Cyber Direct Costs Protection
  • Cyber Business Interruption Protection
  • Cyber Directors and Officers Protection
  • Cyber Third Party Liability Protection
  • Cyber Professional Indemnity Protection

The full policy wording can be read, reviewed and downloaded using the button link on the left.

Who is Cyber Insurance for?

Cyber insurance is for businesses of all sizes and across diverse sectors regardless of industry type or size.

What are the benefits of cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance encourages businesses to adopt robust security measures and protocols, fostering a culture of prevention. Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organisation’s cyber risks, vulnerabilities and best practice gaps. We’ll provide actionable recommendations to strengthen your security posture and reduce the likelihood of a cyber incident.

Our insurance offers immediate incident response, in conjunction with our strategic cyber security partners, facilitating swift recovery and minimising potential damage.

Direct costs incurred in restoring compromised systems and recovering lost data are covered. Business interruption coverage ensures financial support during downtime, maintaining stability. Directors and Officers benefit from protection and Third-party liability protection safeguards against potential legal claims from affected parties, while Professional Indemnity coverage shields against potential losses arising from errors or omissions.

Together, these elements make KIC’s cyber insurance indispensable in protecting your business against the multifaceted risks posed by the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

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