Klapton maintains it’s international rating with GCR as B- (Stable)

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Rob Bygrave, the CFO of Klapton confirmed that GCR had finalised the international scale rating of Klapton as B- (Stable). Mr Bygrave further commented that this rating reflected the strong relationship Klapton has developed with GCR over the past 6 years. It was also important that GCR had understood the significant changes in the business lines and the impact of this on premium flows in 2022. After having taken this into consideration, together with the refocus of the business on speciality and surety lines, GCR confirmed this had not negatively impacted on the credit rating. This decision was also bolstered by the strong capital position of Klapton, sound liquidity and the maintenance of stable and consistent underwriting profits.

Klapton has also taken the decision to change it’s rating profile from private to public to make this more accessible to our markets, brokers and customers.


Please follow the link to read the report on GCR Rating’s website –
GCR assigns Klapton Insurance Company Limited a public international scale financial strength rating of B-; Outlook Stable – GCR Ratings